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Peter Blyton

Peter Blyton - Recording Engineer / Record Producer

Peter Blyton is an Aria award winning international producer and recording engineer with over 30 years of gobal experience in Advertising, Television, Marketing and the Music Industry.Peter is highly respected in the entertainment industry for his work as a Producer / Engineer for the likes of Keith Urban, Elton John, Barbara Streisand, George Benson, U2 the sick Puppies, David Lee Roth, INXS, David Bowie and the Divynls. Peter also known for producing the hit Run to Paradise by the Choirboys and the 2009/2010 world renowed international World Peace Song "If We Can Dream".



Peter’s Credits are too extensive to mention all of them and but here are some:

Peter Blyton's Discography

Various (LP)
Chain (LP)
Avion (LP)
Venetians (LP)
In Vogue (Single)
Lime Spiders (Single)
The Radiators (LP)
Getaway Plane (Single)
Der Straza s
The Promise (LP)
Machinations 12"
The Radiators (LP)
Lime Spiders (LP)
The Choirboys (LP)
Masters Apprentices (LP)
Painters And Dockers (LP)
Jimi The Human and Spectre 7 (CD)
21 Guns (CD)
Keith Urban (CD)
Agro (Single)
Candy Harlots (CD)
Matt Finish (CD)
Alex Smith (CD)
Toni Pearen (CD)
The Choirboys (CD)
Australian Crawl (CD)

Homegrown Vol 2
Child Of The Street
White Noise
Calling In The LionsLove In Blood
Nasty Habits In Nice Children
Love Without Danger
One In Every Colour
Gimme... Live
Big Bad Noise
Do What You Wanna Do
Touch One Touch All
No Turning Back
21 Guns
Keith Urban

Five Wicked Ways
One Day At A Time
This Time Tomorrow
In Your Room Yo-Yo
Lost And Found


Being a Recording Engineer / Record Producer

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  • As a producer what do you do during the tracking session?

  • What’s the connection between music and emotion?

  • Is there different studios for different parts of the recording project?

  • How do you stimulate creativity?

  • How do you deal with disagreements over creative direction?

  • How important is it to have good people Skills for a producer?

  • How does a producer get the right vibe out of a performer?

  • Do singers have to be actors?

  • Is formal training import to become an audio engineer?

  • How do you judge if you have done a good job?

  • Do you ever work with unsigned artists?

  • What is networking?

  • What was your first paid job in the music industry?

  • What’s your dream job?

  • Is money a good enough reason to get involved in the music industry?

  • Bob Rock producer or engineer?

  • Where does engineer finish and producer start?

  • What is the roll of the audio engineer?

  • Do you have a ‘Phil Spector’ special production technique?

  • What do you think of remixes?

  • Do different countries have their own sound?

  • Is it a good idea to be the producer and the engineer at the same time?

  • What is your most important piece of equipment?

  • What has been your best experience in the music industry?

  • What has been your worst experience in the music industry?

  • What is the best thing about the Internet?

  • How do you maintain your position in the industry?

  • How do you get a Job as an audio engineer?

  • What is the most important thing in the music industry?

  • Have you ever had a ‘Spinal Tap’ moment?

  • Should you record everything?

  • Record together or one at a time?

  • How many people record with a click?

  • How can an artist prepare for a recording session?

  • How can a vocalist prepare for a recording session?

  • How do you make yourself more signable than the next band?

  • Who have been the best people to work with?

  • Who are the worst people to work with?

  • Where did you get your early technical production experience?

  • At what point did you set up your own business?

  • Why did you leave Australia?

  • What happened when you can back to Australia?

  • Describe producing The Radiators.