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Vocal Loops

Develop a groove - Remix, Hip Hop and electronic song writing
- Using vocal loops in a rhythmic way

This example demonstrates the composition of the cumulative groove for the song 'Rock star' which has been submitted as part of this creative project (for further details on the ethos behind the song's compositional process, please see the song's compositional notes).

I recorded myself saying the sentence 'I wanna be a rock star' then by editing the recorded file I created the rhythmical loop of 'wanna wanna wanna be a be a' this would be employed in the creation of the cumulative groove for the song. The use of words as part of the cumulative groove has several benefits over just using non-dialogue-based samples.

These include:

  • the hidden meaning that can be transferred in the emotional tone and timbre of the voice
  • the literal meaning of the looped words
  • the words due to their repetitive use, have the potential of being identified by the listener as one of the hooks of the song

Further vocal samples employed in the creation of the cumulative groove include:

  • a sample of Public Enemy, used as a drum fill, to introduce new sections and break up the repetitive nature of the song.
  • a sample of Richard Kingsmill ('Australian Music Show' Triple J) saying 'If you want to send me anything.'

In addition to these vocal samples, a recording of a telephone ringing was edited, so that the rings matched the tempo of the song and then it was employed in the composition of the cumulative groove.