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Remix composition - Changing the timbre of instruments to better suit the target genre

The sounds of an instrument can vary depending on what style of music it is playing. When taking instrument samples that belong to one genre of music and using them in another it is common to manipulate their sound so they better suit the target genre.

In this example I manipulate a slap bass part taken from a heavy rock song and manipulate its timbre so that it better suits its target genre of electronica. The process involved:

  1. running the bass sample through a MDA RezFilter plug-in in Cubase (see screen shot for settings)

  2. putting the resultant into a Steinberg DoubleDelay plug-in in Cubase (see screen shot for settings)
  3. manipulating the tempo up from 120 to 132 B.P.M. in ACID pro

  4. removing sections of the original riff to create a bit more rhythmical definition.

Screen Shots for plug-ins

MDA RezFilter plug-in settings
Steinberg DoubleDelay plug-in settings

If we now listen to the new bass part backed by a drum groove we can start to see the possibilities.