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Sounds 2 Groove

Develop a groove - Remix, Hip Hop and electronic song writing
- Adding to the rhythmical groove with sound

When composing the cumulative groove it is important to note that any sample can be primarily edited in a rhythmical manner. The benefit of using a diverse range of sounds in the cumulative groove, is the ability to create complex rhythmical phrases where the components and layers of the groove retain a degree of separation because of their unique sonic properties. Often these rhythmical samples act in counter point to each other adding complexity with out clutter. In addition to this separation the individuality of the samples adds another dimension to what is fundamentally a rhythmical backing track.

In this example an organ and a guitar track has been edited primarily in a rhythmical manner. Their compositional use is no longer for their harmonic and melodic properties but more for their rhythmical contributions to the cumulative groove.

In the above example an organ part which originally was a four bar progression was edited to form a repetitive rhythmical phrase. This demonstrates how the phrase was created.

As discussed any type of sound can be used to supplement the cumulative groove. In this example three edited and looped vocal parts can give rhythmical diversity to the backing track (See also notes on using vocal loops in the composition of music).