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Develop a groove - Remix, Hip Hop and electronic song writing
- Using more than one drum loop

Different drum loops can be played simultaneously to create a cumulative groove. The combining of loops will result in a unique groove - a desirable outcome for a collage-style composer. These grooves can be further developed by adding single-hit samples.

Loops that are combined do not have to:

  • start simultaneously on the one beat
  • be in bar lengths or even in multiples of bar lengths
  • start with the first beat of the sample triggered on the first beat of the cumulative groove
Certain genres (such as Jungle) have involved the practice of cutting sampled drums into sections then piecing them back together to form complex cumulative grooves.
  In this example two one-bar sampled drum loops have been combined, then single hit samples (generated in Hammerhead) have been added. The second loop is triggered on the 'one' beat and then again on the 'two AND' beat - creating a strongly syncopated effect.

  The single hits have been used to: 
  • reinforce the main snare beats on two and four
  • reinforce kick drum on beat one and the fourth 16th of beat three and the third 16th of beat four 
The second loop has been triggered on beats one and 'two AND' to create a complex  syncopated pattern