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Remix composition - Longitudinal and Latitudinal Composition

Chapus observes that, when composing cumulative grooves for a song, one can create a vertical stack of rhythmic parts/loops to check for compatibility. For the purposes of this thesis, I describe this vertical stacking process as 'longitudinal composition'. Placing all drum samples on top of one another allows the composer to:

  • assess the compatibility (rhythmic and timbral) of all parts.
  • identify those loops which might be combined for different sections.
  • plan the growth and development of the rhythmical groove.

Practical Application

Using Acid Pro, I create a one to eight-bar repetitive area in the sequencer window. By importing and auditioning potential drum loops for a given composition, I assess their compatibility with each other for the purposes of creating cumulative grooves. At this point I am merely checking that there are no obvious incompatibility issues, rather than making decisions about where these patterns might be located in the overall composition.

After compiling a collection of compatible drum loops, I import individual drum sounds and place these so as to complement the looped groove. By combining drum loops with other drum loops or individual sounds it is possible to create a distinctive and interesting cumulative groove.

Latitudinal Composition

Once a pool of component loops is created it is possible to place them 'horizontally' in various combinations and in various locations within the overall composition - adding and subtracting loops to manipulate the thickness/thinness of the texture. For the purposes of this thesis I describe this horizontal process as 'latitudinal composition'.

Practical Application

Any standard sequencer program allows loops to be copied and placed in various locations over the duration of the composition.

In Conclusion

Longitudinal composition involves the vertical stacking of parts and the selection of compatible parts to create cumulative grooves. Latitudinal composition involves the arrangement of cumulative grooves throughout the overall composition.