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Develop a groove - Remix, Hip Hop and electronic song writing
- Common loop edits and fills

When using pre-recorded drum loops and/or repetitive drum machine sequences the collage composer needs to be aware of two important idiosyncrasies in the composition of the groove.

  1. Unlike the traditional band set up (i.e. live players), the composer can not rely on the drummer to add variation to his playing - through the use of drums fills and or subtle rhythmical phrasing- which can be used to announce the imminent arrival of new sections. A drum fill can signal the change from verse to chorus.
  2. Using the same beat ad-nauseam has the potential to become boring and distracting to the listener (although it should be noted that in certain forms of dance music extreme repetition is exploited to induce a trance-like state).

Turntable DJs might overcome these difficulties by 'scratching' the record to create rhythmical sounds and break up a repetitive drum pattern. Scratching can also be used to signpost the arrival of a new section (e.g. a change from verse to chorus).

Electronic-based composers can trigger samples (either single hit sounds or loops), varying the triggered frequency to increase dramatic tension. Below are some common loop edits that can substitute for drum fills and be used to break up the beat or signpost the change to a new section.