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In this lesson the student will

  • gain an understanding of EQ and Compression

Estimated time to complete 30 minutes.


In this lesson we will continue mixing our song adding EQ and Compression to the acoustic guitar. 

Press play in the tool bar below the movie to start it playing.


Mic’ing Suggestions and EQ fundemetals


Boosting at around 80-120Hz gives a low-end weight, such as in The Beatles' 'Yesterday', whereas the sound gets more of a boom to it a little higher at 200-300Hz, as in Nirvana's' 'Polly'. This latter song is also a good example of boost in the 2-5kHz range, which is good for clarity in rhythm guitars as it brings out the strumming. The 1-1.5kHz area, prominent in The Jam's 'That's Entertainment', can tend to sound a little nasal, while the 5-10kHz range emphasises the jangle or sparkle of steel-strung guitars in particular, Natalie Imbruglia's 'Torn' being a notable example.

Acoustic Guitar - EQ Fundemental

Boomy at 80 to 150 Hz.
Boxy at 150 to 300 Hz.
Hard at 800Hz to 1.5kHz.
Presence at 2.5 to 4 kHz.
Bright/scratchy at 4 to 8 kHz.
Airy above 8 kHz.



In the next lesson you will continue mixing the acoustic guitar.